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Pennine Way

Mile 131


Bowes is quiet now, and it's hard to remember that heavy lorries thundered along the A66 up and down the village street. The site of the castle was once the Roman fort Lavatrae, whose ramparts can still be traced. The Roman garrison had a bath 27 feet long by 18 feet wide - traces are still visible in a field south of the church.

The Ancient Unicorn Inn, Bowes The Ancient Unicorn Inn, Bowes The Ancient Unicorn Inn, Bowes
  • Property type: Country Inn (Pub)
  • Distance from path: On route
  • OS reference: NY9949513540

The Ancient Unicorn Inn

Front Street, Bowes, Co Durham, DL12 9HN - Pennine Way
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The building is steeped in history – Charles Dickens was a guest in days gone by and based some of his writing on the local area. Another famous visitor was the artist William Turner, who painted some landscapes in the local area. It is rumoured from local folklore that the building is haunted by two young lovers – you can see their graves in the village churchyard. We offer well appointed rooms.

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