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Cotswold Way North

Mile 31

North Nibley

In 1470 there was a battle on the village green in North Nibley, between the private armies of the Berkeleys and the Lisles. Two thousand men took part. Lord Lisle met a gory end, and his men were scattered across the countryside. His house was burned down, and 150 men were killed that day. Close to North Nibley, between Dursley and Wotton-under-Edge, the Tyndale monument is a tribute to William Tyndale, who first translated the Old and New Testaments into English. He was burned at the stake in 1536 because it was feared that his act in opening the Bible to ordinary people was a revolutionary undermining of the authority of the Church. The stone tower is over 100 feet high and it was built in 1886.

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