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Hadrian's Wall West

Mile 1


An industrial suburb of Newcastle, most famous for building great ships, but alas the yards are silent now. As its name suggests it stands at the end of the Roman wall.

Dorset Arms Hotel, Wallsend Dorset Arms Hotel, Wallsend
  • Property type: Budget Hotel

Dorset Arms Hotel

Dorset Avenue, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE28 8DX - Hadrian's Wall West

The Dorset Arms Inn is a family run bed and breakfast, we pride ourselves on quality homemade food, real ale and of course a warm North East welcome! We offer high quality bed and breakfast accommodation with a variety of rooms as well as our award winning Centurion Restaurant, a beautiful bar with beer garden and a private function room giving you all the hospitality you need to make your stay an enjoyable one. Situated at Wallsend we are within 3km of both Newcastle-upon-Tyne City Centre and the Tyneside coast, and also ideally located for Northumberland and Hadrian's Wall.

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