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Sherpa Van is a daily baggage moving service covering all of Britain's major walking and cycling routes.

Sherpa provides an accommodation booking service on major UK walking and cycling routes

About Sherpa Van

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If you are a keen walker or cyclist you will be acutely aware of the problems of parking cars in our national parks, leaving them unattended for days, and getting back to them at the end of your trip, (if indeed they are still there and haven't been carried off by thieves, or taken to the police car pound.). You will also be aware of the growing traffic congestion in rural areas, and the methods the authorities are employing to combat people taking cars into these areas. Now even the smallest villages are restricting parking and charging heavily for the spaces they do make available. One park authority has spent a fortune on raising the height of all the roadside verges to make parking more difficult.

As a keen country goer you may well applaud these measures to reduce pollution and congestion, and the efforts to preserve the glories of our countryside.

The Sherpa Van Project has been set up to address the practical problems. Walkers and cyclists do not want to be confined to day walks or short circuits. They want to enjoy our long distance linear routes, and they have to find a way to move their baggage, or go heavily laden. A heavy pack does take the edge off the enjoyment.

At £5 per day stage for walking routes, and 7.50 for cycling routes our service is affordable and reliable. You can safely leave your car at home if you are doing one of the routes we serve, safe in the knowledge that you will have a full support service. As the service becomes established, and hopefully eventually attracts some official backing, more and more Sherpa Vans will come into service.

This will also depend on your support, and how quickly we can achieve a critical mass of customers that will make the service economically viable.

At the end of our five year plan we hope that all walkers and cyclists will have the confidence to leave their cars at home and use the Sherpa Van Service. At that stage we estimate that around 1 million car journeys will be eliminated from our National Parks.

Who is behind Sherpa Van?

Sherpa Van was founded by Sherpa Expeditions, which has been operating walking and cycling holidays for more than thirty years. All the experience you could wish for has gone into the development of the service. We know precisely what the long distance walker and cyclist needs from a baggage moving service, and have for many years had close contact with tourism professionals, hoteliers, and all the organisations that contribute to the walking and cycling holiday experience.