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About Us
The establishment of the Sherpa Van Project opens up a number of opportunities for both franchisees and drivers in our areas of operation. We also have vacancies at our head office in West London for reservations staff.

Franchises Part Time Drivers


The Sherpa Van Project is a franchise operation. Franchisees will be required to work from their own homes, and largely on their own initiative. They must be permanently resident in the area of operation. Rewards are entirely geared to productivity. A successful franchisee will be working toward a part time income in the region of £20,000 per annum. Whilst not a full time employment situation, during the operating season from May to October input will be required 7 days a week.

They must be computer literate and have their own PC. The company will provide a dedicated telephone line, access to its intranet and the software resources necessary to run our operation. and the marketing and infrastructure necessary to ensure success. The company provides a central reservations office, based in London that will accept orders from the public on a freephone line from 08:30am to 08:30pm seven days a week.
The tasks to be performed locally are as follows:
  • To recruit and manage a staff of part time drivers, usually up to three drivers working in rotation will be required. To ensure that drivers are well dressed and courteous to clients and hoteliers at all times and that they maintain schedules and keep the vehicles clean and well turned out at all times.

  • To prepare daily delivery instructions and labeling for drivers and to ensure that baggage is delivered on time to the correct destination.

  • To maintain contact with local tourist offices, national park authorities, and relevant transport authorities, ensure that we are constantly up to date with local developments, and maintain relationships with hoteliers and B & B proprietors and above all Sherpa Van customers.

  • To ensure that the Sherpa Van Service maintains a high profile within the area, and that our marketing literature is widely displayed and distributed.

  • To operate our hotel booking service.

  • To assist in the preparation of our interactive trail planners by collating the necessary hotel information on an annual basis.


Please check the following list of attributes, which we believe are essential for success, and only apply if you can answer yes to all comments in section 1, and at least five of those in section 2.
  • I live permanently and have done so for more than three years, close to a Sherpa Van operating centre.

  • I am over 25 years old.

  • I have access to a reliable car at all times, and have an unblemished driving record and a full driving license.

  • I can produce at least three reliable referees who will testify to my honesty and reliability, and a bankers reference.

  • I have an outgoing personality, good communication skills, and enjoy dealing with people. I have no disability that would militate against me performing the tasks required.

  • I am able to work unsupervised on my own initiative, and realise that the rewards I will gain from working on the Sherpa Van Project will be dictated to a large degree by my own efforts.

  • I have a stable home environment, and can view this project as a minimum three year commitment.

Please review the above questions honestly and only apply if you can answer an unequivocal yes to all of them. We realise to do so may be a tall order, but we are seeking success and excellence for not only the Sherpa Van Project but also our franchisees. We do not wish to recruit people who may find the tasks overwhelming or whose existing commitments may make it difficult for them to succeed.

Our selection process will be quite rigorous, and to apply without being able to say yes to all of these items would waste not only our time but yours.

You should be able to say yes to a least three the following questions before sending in an application. Those who can genuinely do so to most of these will be given preference.

  • I am an active person and enjoy the outdoors.

  • I am a keen walker or cyclist myself and understand their needs.

  • I speak a foreign language.

  • I have worked previously in an hotel or tourism based enterprise.

  • I Have previously had responsibility for managing a major project.

  • I have experience of managing staff.

  • I have a background in sales and marketing.

  • I am entrepreneurial by nature.

  • I am very good logistically, and a capable organiser.

If you think you may qualify for this exciting opportunity, Please tick this form appropriately and forward it with a written application and your C.V. to the address below. Please state why you are interested in the Sherpa Van Project, illustrate what special skills you can bring to the project.

Part Time Drivers

We and our franchisees will have a need for part time drivers between April and October who live in our areas of operation. Applicants should apply to the address below only if they are over 25, have previous experience of driving Transit vans, have a clean driving licence, and can supply suitable references.
Drivers are particularly sought in the St Bees area (Cumbria), Ilkley (Yorkshire Dales) and Helmsley (North Yorkshire).

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