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Accommodation Details YHA Boggle Hole
Mill Beck, Fylingthorpe YO22 4UQ
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Comments by walkers who stayed at YHA Boggle Hole in Robin Hoods Bay on The Coast to Coast Path
Stayed here 21 August 2010 (family of 5). We stayed here after finishing C2C. Thanks to Sherpa Van for carrying our bags for 2 weeks!We stayed in a family room in the Annex up the steps behind the main hostel building. Basic YH accommodation with friendly staff and decent breakfast. Excellent location right on the beach about 10 mins walk from RHB - a great walk across beach (tide out) AFTER a dip in the sea (tide in), a few celebration beers (Bay Hotel), fish and chips (obviously) and ice cream. In the morning the sun shone, the sea was blue, and we walked triumphantly back through RHB to catch the bus home from the top of the hill.
John & Josie Thompson and family, left on 26 September 2010
I stayed at YH Bogglehole, in preference to the many other places in Robin Hoods Bay, for its location. Even if I didn't really want to walk along the coast to reach it, then scale the steps to the room. The bunked rooms were small but normal YH standard and with whb. We had a power cut because the lines were down so it was difficult, dripping from the shower, to see the code entry pad in the dark until rescued by a torch bearer. The security however is good. The evening meal was good and excellent value. The breakfast was fine. You do have to snatch up the evening meal though before somebody helps themselves. Each course is just put on the servery and you just help yourself. Seating areas in the main building and the annex. I would stay here again. It has all the good and bad points of a YH. A high cost of £43.95 for a small two bunk room without breakfast. A small bottle of water at £1.40. Coffee >£2 a cup. Great value 3 course evening meal for <£10. Superb location on the coast. A childrens paradise. I left on 19/08/2010
Bob Watts, left on 31 August 2010
Very well maintained, comfortable Youth Hostel in a fantastic location just a 15 minute walk along the cliff top from Robin Hoods Bay. Only two niggles.

1. Be prepared for every door to have a number code lock. Most stressful in the night when going to the toilet having to take the piece of paper with the number on for the toilet, a different number to get back into the bedroom, plus glasses and torch.

2. Donít be caught out by the rule that orders for evening meals have to be in by 6pm, not the more usual and ever so slightly more acceptable, but equally inexplicable, 7pm imposed by most other hostels. Like me, if you miss the deadline and have just walked from Robin Hoods Bay, (on top of 190 miles,) you probably won't be quite ready to hear from the unbending receptionist that there are plenty of places doing food in town.
(Stayed 5.9.9)
Peter, left on 12 September 2009
YHA Boggle Hole was a nice place, but the room was the smallest we experienced on the whole Coast to Coast route. The staff was very helpful and friendly. The buffet-style breakfast, complete with hot food, was great.
Rip from California, left on 12 September 2007
Worthwhile place to stay- not very far from RHB- just a 10 minute walk along the cliff path or beach- friendly and helpful staff and delicious meals- recommended.
Stayed Aug. 19
Amanda and Jan Bangs, left on 26 August 2007
Hey, we stayed at boggle hole yha for one night when walking the cleveland way. It is lovely youth hostel, they don't split up males and females and we got a room to ourselves, no sharing with strangers! (unlike in whitby). The food was great and the beach is on the doorstep of the youth hostel, where you can go searching for fossils.
Tamsyn, left on 04 August 2004
The actual accommodation available in Bogle Hole YHA was around the normal YHA standard, which is fine. However, Don't bother self catering, you'd be missing out, as the food provided was of exceptionally high quality and worthy of note. The catering alone justifies the extra 1km walk along the cliff's to reach it.

(YHA:give the catering staff a raise, they deserve it!)
Matt McConville, left on 20 July 2002


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