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Accommodation Details Tan Hill Inn
Keld North YorkshireDL11 6ED
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Comments by walkers who stayed at Tan Hill Inn in Keld on The James Herriot Way
My experience at the Tan Hill Inn was horrible.

Nothing to do with the accommodation, which seemed OK (what I saw of it). It was the landlady, Tracy Daly, who has a very strange idea of herself.

We were doing the James Herriot Way. The pub picked us and our dog up from Keld. When we got up to the room, my wife Rosie found a note suggesting that dogs might have to stay elsewhere on the premises. That didn’t chime with what it had said on the website, so I brought the note down to the bar to find out what it meant.

I asked the young lady who had driven us up about this, and she called out to the kitchen. Tracy Daly came out and her first words were: “Who’s dared to interrupt me while I’m having my dinner?” I tried to overlook this and asked about the note Rosie had seen.

Her reply, out loud, was: “Is your wife a dog, then?” I reckon all the other people in the bar heard her say this. Everyone fell silent, then someone giggled in embarrassment. I was mortified. I asked her how she would have felt if someone had said the same thing to her husband (I’ve no idea if she has one, pity him if she has). The young woman who had collected us was blushing.

Anyway, I couldn’t stand it. I just asked for us to be driven back to Keld immediately. After saying it was only a joke, she did apologise for the remark, and agreed to have us taken back to Keld. I asked for our deposit back, but she refused, which is disgusting, seeing as we had turned up in good faith.

Thank God we managed to get a room at the converted old youth hostel, Keld Lodge, otherwise we'd have been stuck. We couldn't have had better hospitality from the new owners, who had run an inn in Bowes for years. Hey, Sherpavan - I know now that Keld Lodge is part-owned by the competition, but we were treated very well there - unlike the excuse for a host that is Tracy Daly.

I understand that Tracy Daly is a local celebrity after winning a fight with Kentucky Fried Chicken over the right to call her Christmas dinner KFC or something like that.

All I can say is - it's true about the Tan Hill Inn. Don't go there, it's not funny.
Tim Stilwell, left on 13 August 2007


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