1. Select a location for an overnight stay by clicking on the location names on the trail map at the top of the screen (see illustration below)

A list of available accommodation will appear in the lower part of the screen. The following icons may appear alongside each hotel or guesthouse:
This icon indicates that pets are accepted at this hotel or guesthouse.
This icon indicates that packed lunches are available at this hotel or guesthouse.
This icon indicates that evening meals are available at this hotel or guesthouse.
This icon indicates that this hotel or guesthouse is non-smoking.

If you have organised your own accommodation for any particular night, enter the address and telephone number of your accommodation at the bottom of the page and click submit to proceed. We need this information to carry out baggage transfer.

3. The hotel information screen gives pricing, payment and other information on hotels and guesthouses. If you wish to stay at the selected hotel for the night, click book now. If the location you have chosen is a youth hostel or camp site, you must book this accommodation yourself and click 'select this location' to continue.

4. The room requirements you specified at the beginning of your booking are carried through the whole booking. Any changes or special requirements for this stop can now be made. Click confirm booking to confirm and move on to the next day.

5. Carry on selecting locations for each day of your journey. If you wish to stay in the same location for two or more nights, you should select the same hotel for each night. Because the limit of our baggage van is 30 miles per day, you cannot select a location more than 30 miles along the route from your previous night's stay.

As you continue, the box marked 'Hotels Booked' keeps track of your selections. When you have completed your itinerary, click finished to continue.

To book a YHA Youth Hostel you must be a YHA member. You can join YHA on arrival. Prices are as follows but are subject to change without notice:

Adult:   12.50
Under 18:   6.25
Family (2 adults & under 18's free):   25.00
Family (1 adult & under 18's free):   12.50

Campsites don't generally need to be booked in advance, and many won't take advance bookings.  It is for this reason that we do not hold many details about them, and can not book them on your behalf.  Again please indicate when you intend to use a campsite, but be aware that it will not be booked in advance for you.

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